Built In Wardrobe Design

Until recently, most properties were built without much thought being given to storage space, it was just accepted that you would buy free standing wardrobes to store your clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia.

But most wardrobes are bulky, don’t fit when you move into a new house and soon become tired looking and drab – which can be reflected on your clothing inside.

What you need is a custom solution that is tailored not only to your house, but to your lifestyle and even right down to your clotheswithout spending a fortune – and that is exactly what Ian Creamer Wardrobes can provide you with a bespoke built in wardrobe to suit any room or budget.

Ladies are you fed up with having to sort through this type of wardrobe nightmare to find the right frock or shoes for the occasion?

inbuilt wardrobes

Imagine how much quicker and easier it would be to find the right outfit if your wardrobe looked like this…

built in wardrobes

And just think of the time you’d save ironing !


Our built in wardrobes are perfect for utilising every bit space – which means there’s always room for that little number you spotted in the shop last week.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, from Maroochydore to Noosa thru to Gympie, give Ian a call NOW on 0412 314 217 to arrange a Free home consultation, or Contact him HERE…